Looking to connect and collaborate with creatives from other technical or artistic backgrounds?

Have an idea for a project that you are lacking experience, knowledge, or resources to bring to life?

Seeking potential use-cases, creative applications, or new development for a tech or tool?

Whether you are a seasoned professional, student, or amateur member of tech or art spheres, ChangeUp’s Fall 2018 jam is a unique opportunity to create and showcase work through an intensive, rewarding, radically collaborative experience.

ChangeUp Jam

September 21-23, 2018

Toronto Media Arts Centre

32 Lisgar St, Toronto, ON

It's not too late...

We are currently accepting applicants from tech and arts/culture spaces of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

Get Involved

What is a Jam?

An opportunity to make new work in a fun, playful, hyper-focused environment

A space to collaborate with other tech-focused creators towards a common goal (in our case, the creation of a one-night-only public exhibition at Toronto Media Arts Centre - AND a rave)

As happens in a HACKATHON, teams self-form spontaneously on the first day of the jam, work closely together in a shared space, and pitch their projects to the group at the end of a concentrated period

Unlike what happens in a HACKATHON, jam teams are not competing against each other -- there are no winners or losers, just a single opportunity to share work with a broad a public in a collaborative arena

What the Jam is not...

A residency for individual creatives. The jam is designed to facilitate connections, collaboration, and exchange. We encourage you to build diverse teams that feature a range of backgrounds and skill-sets.

A standard rubric-based educational course or workshop. There will be a number of traditional workshops, resources, guides and mentors available to participants -- but there are no hard requirements.

The jam is designed as a free, fluid space for creation, learning, and exchange. You can take advantage of as many or as few educational and experimental opportunities as you would like, before, during, or after the jam.

What will I do at the jam?

  • Meet and work with other tech-focused creators in the Toronto area in a self-directed, non-institutional, experimental space
  • Learn and teach tech, programming, platforms, and tools
  • Make new, lasting relationships
  • Create or augment new work in a focused and supportive environment
  • Receive access to expert guidance and input
  • Show and test work with a broad public
  • Explore creative solutions and new applications for tech
  • Stay engaged through our Slack after the event, to maintain access to others in the network