Interested in lending your expertise to lead projects, provide resources or training, or assist jam participants?

ChangeUp is seeking knowledgeable, generous contributors across digital media / tech / art interested in shaping an inclusive, creative environment for a diverse range of creators. An amazing way to meet, share, and collaborate!

All mentors receive honoraria for their participation.

Mentor Categories

There are * two * mentorship opportunities available during the jam:

  • Domain Mentor (area-specific mentor) - a floating mentor able to contribute expertise or advice, discuss implications of a particular tech, and be available for troubleshooting, translation, guidance.
  • Project Mentor Lead - A jam Project Lead who brings a project platform open to collaboration from jam participants, and who provides resources, mentorship, training, and guidance to onboard collaborators.

*It is also possible to be a participant PROJECT LEAD who is not a mentor.

Mentor Requirements

We request that all mentors contribute an educational resource for participants.

Options include:

  • Workshop (pre-recorded and available digitally, or provided in-person on Day 2 of the jam)
  • Online guide or template code e.g. http://ml4a.github.io/guides/

If you think you’d like to be a mentor, or have questions about a workshop or project idea, please complete a mentor application, or contact us at jamprojects@changeup.io.