What is ChangeUp?

ChangeUp is building fluid, infinitely expansive networks between the wildly creative spheres of art and tech: increasing access and forging empowering spaces for creation and exchange.

Informed by punk, rave, and DIY approaches, open source software development, and decentralized platforms, ChangeUp mounts frameworks to support art-driven approaches to technological development, the co-opting of new technologies for cultural creation, and critical examination of an increasingly technological social and cultural reality.

Through its hackathons, incubators, symposia, concerts, and exhibitions, Changeup cultivates open, decentralized spaces for tech and arts communities to experiment and explore in collaboration, catalyzing groundbreaking developments and new approaches.

ChangeUp unites a diverse range of innovators (artists, researchers, programmers, game-makers, and others) to work in coordination to solve problems, imagine possibilities, and produce interdisciplinary work for live audiences.

Artists receive unique opportunities to collaborate with experts working in augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain/DLT, and more. Developers explore creative applications for new technologies, and test first-access iterations with broad focus groups in playful, engaging arenas. ChangeUp events increase tech access and literacy across the culture sector, and foment new forms of creative expression, economic possibilities, and entrepreneurship.

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